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Latest Tamil Movies on aha

Some of the latest Tamil movies that you can choose to watch on this OTT site are as follows:


This is one of the best and latest Tamil thriller movies that you can watch to be entertained. The director of this movie is U R Jameel, and the cast includes HansikaMotwani, Sujith Shankar, STR, SanamShetty, Nanditha Jennifer and many more. The movie is about a psycho serial killer and how he kills people in a city.

The movie begins with HansikaMotwani playing the role of an air hostess living well with her husband and girlchild. Soon her husband dies, and she is left alone with her girl child, but a psycho killer kidnaps her child to murder. The air hostess herself looks to find the killer as several similar incidents occur in the city. Watch the movie on aha to know more about what happens next.


This is one of the latest South Indian movies, 2022directed by K.S. Ravikumar. The cast of the movie includes LosliyaMariyanesan, TharshanThiyagarajah, K.S. Ravikumar, Illambarathi and many more. The movie basically revolves around the unique relationship between a conservative villager and a robot.

 A conservative villager does not want his son to travel to Russia for work, but his son eventually does so. While returning to his village, he brings with him a robot to take care of his father. The robot and the villager form a unique relationship, and the rest of the story is based on the relationship.

Watch the Latest Tamil Movies on aha.

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