cabinThe Old Log House was actually developed by the previous owner, Log House at Holekamp’s. The idea of having the log house was thought of before trees were even planted on the farm! This came from the idea of making an “ole fashion Christmas”.

During the 1970’s, the Holekamp’s searched for a perfect building, with the idea in mind of moving it from it’s location to the farm. It wasn’t until serendipity brought Mr. Holekamp face to face with something he couldn’t pass by. An old log barn from 1838 was spotted in the distance, dilapidated, but still consisting of some very beautiful wooden logs which he could envision making up his log house he longed for. With a bit of help and a whole lot of work, one by one with crow bars and a tractor the log house was transformed.

The log house was not finished until 1988. It has since then been used as the central greeting place for all it’s guests and making wonderful memories as friends, parents and children gather for their holiday festivities.

New ownership was gained in 2000, by the Old Log House Plantation’s owners Richard and Marjorie Christensen. At first sight, Marjorie said she was overwhelmed by the size of the farm. However the two fell in love with the primitive like atmosphere, trees, country farm land, and of course their soon to be Old Log House.

Since then, the Christensen’s have learned a thing or two about running their own Christmas tree farm: stay organized, stay on task month to month, and plan, plan, plan! What they won’t forget is to take the time to stop and see their customers enjoy themselves every year, having a great experience they have helped create, knowing the memories the customers take home were planted by them.